Windowsills made of synthetic marblestone

They are characterized with high resistance to scratches, very high resistance to weather conditions, frost-resistance, stability of colours under the effect of solar radiation, resistance to operation of acids found in households.

Synthetic concrete windowsills are made of composite comprising mineral fillers (chalk, dolomites) in 80 % and polyester resin in 20%.
A characteristic feature of Pietrucha windowsills differing them from other Polish products present on market is a nose, 35 mm high at the thickness of windowsill amounting to 17 mm.
A nose, with the function of plucking off the rain drops, allows application as external windowsill.
Thanks to a unique colouring technology in the whole mass of external windowsill a marblestone structure was obtained, greatly resembling natural marblestone veins

ul.Jasna 15 lok.3 (Ryneczek Słoneczne )
70-777 Szczecin


ul.Jasna 15 lok.3 (Ryneczek Słoneczne )
70-777, Szczecin